How did I stop smoking

How did I stop smoking?
By accident. Working on the computer at night I used to smoke cigarette after cigarette, waking up in the morning feeling pretty sick.
I decided to try a vaporizer, a device commonly known as electronic cigarette, and after a couple of days tobacco started to taste bad, so I dropped it completely.

Are vaporizers good for your health? Is it less harmful than tobacco? Or is it worse?
Vaping is not good for your health. Vaping is less harmful then tobacco in the short run. Doctors still do not know if there are long-term effects. Some e-liquids come with diacetyl which is bad for your health, but still, tobacco has far more diacetyl. Some people say it destroys your teeth, but that’s because vaping dries your mouth, and a dry mouth is more vulnerable to bacteria. The solution? Drink more water.

What effects did I experienced?
Well, first came the cough and the dry mouth. That is normal for a beginner. Now I wake up feeling well rested, I can run for longer periods of time, and some food and beverages taste better. Oh, and no cough what so ever, actually I haven’t got sick anymore since I started vaping. Also, tobacco smells terribly bad now, but I do find myself craving cigarettes every once in a while.

How can you start vaping?
The biggest problem for a smoker who wants to try a vaporizer is to find a good device.
The market is overflowing with brands and devices of all kinds and shapes. The world of electronic cigarettes are full of weird terms like ohms, resistance, coils, VG, PG, mouth-to-lung, nicotine mg, and so on. It is a nightmare! So, because I like you very much, in the next article I’m going to give you some tips and recommendations.

Stay tuned 🙂


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