The House of the Devil


If you follow my blog you know I’m all about those precious independent small budget gems.

The House of the Devil is a 2009 american horror movie written and directed by the young promising director Ti West, staring Jocelin Donahue.

This movie takes place during the 70s and it does a good job capturing the feeling from that era, which surely will bring some nostalgia for some people.


Creepy_Shot_House_of_the_devilThis movie does not rely on scare jumps, The House of the Devil is all about suspense, tension, and menacing atmosphere. You don’t fear what you are seeing, you fear what will come. It’s all about anticipation.

The plot is super simple and the action burns very slowly throughout most of the movie, leaving you enough time to sit back and delight with the production quality. Shots are meticulously well framed and the lighting is beautifully sinister. Jocelin Donahue is pretty good too, and we get a ton of alone time with her character. Overall it is well produced and directed.

The House of the Devil is a low budget movie that puts most Hollywood horror “blockbusters” to shame.



Das Leben der Anderen – Excellent German Film

Das Leben der Anderen CoverDas Leben der Anderen, aka The Lives of Others, is a German movie directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

It takes place in 1984, when the country was still divided, and it follows the live of an agent of the East German Secret Police. Ulrich Mühe plays this character brilliantly, a quiet yet serious man, extremely meticulous, who occasionally resorts to unorthodox methods to get what he needs. He lives a lonely life entirely devoted to the Ministry for State Security. One day he gets assigned to spy on a German couple and everything changes, as he starts getting emotionally involved with their lives. The film is slow paced, is well directed, has a solid screenplay and brilliant performances. It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, along with a BAFTA Award in the same category, and dozens of other awards and nominees in cinema festivals all around the world.

Das Leben der Anderen is an excellent film and a great example of what the European cinema has to offer.

Das Leben der Anderen