Pale Moon – Incompatible add-ons

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My very first post was about the awesome browser Pale Moon.
You can read the article here.

I received some complains from users who found a lot of incompatibilities when installing add-ons from Firefox.
Even though Pale Moon shares code with Firefox it is in most part a different animal, and during the last years it has become clear they are taking a completely different direction from all the other browser companies, and this includes Mozilla.
Long story short, do not expect all Firefox’s add-ons to work on Pale Moon. But, as a great man once said, “Never despair.”

In the official website you will find a list of the most requested add-ons, organized by incompatibilities, fixes, and workarounds.
Here is the link to the page:

Before install any add-on make sure to check this page first and see what’s what.
It is clear that Pale Moon is not aimed for the common internet user. This browser requires a little bit of IT cleverness to configure, but that’s it, just a little bit of IT cleverness.

Some geeks prefer their software to be small, light, fast, and efficient.
If you still use Winamp then Pale Moon is the browser for you.

Pale Moon – An alternative browser

Pale Moon IconAre you one of those people who are constantly looking for the perfect browser?

If you are then you should know that such thing does not exist (at least since Opera 12 went down). If you hate Google Chrome’s privacy policy, and if you think SRWare Iron is to buggy, then this might be the browser for you. Pale Moon is based on Firefox, but don’t let it fool you, it comes with some tricks on its sleeve.

Do you know that Firefox comes with a tone of features that most users don’t even know they exist? Things like accessibility features for disabled people, parental controls to keep an eye on your kids, tab groups which no one knows exactly how to use, maintenance service, crash reports, integrated PDF reader, social API, WebRTC, and other little things which the only purpose is to annoy you by slow down your browser and occasionally crash the entire computer – because who doesn’t love when the browser crashes when you are sending that life or death email…

Luckily those days are gone. Pale Moon will increase the life of your computer by preventing you from punch it. It is basically a lighter, faster, and functional Firefox. And the best of it all: it does NOT come with the new user interface (Australis) that doesn’t resembles Google Chrome at all. It looks just like the old good Firefox with some more visual customization options.

Because it is based on Firefox you can expect it to be functional, secure, highly customizable, and if you are one of those add-on freaks I’m glad to tell you that Pale Moon supports all those widgets designed for Firefox. Talking about add-ons, have you ever noticed that Firefox takes forever to startup? One of the big reasons is the famous and indispensable AdBlock. If you really want an adblocker (which you really should), I recommend AdBlock Edge, it uses the same block lists as all the other adblockers, but it is much faster. Pale Moon is designed for Windows and Linux, and available on 64-bit version, but I recommend you to install the 32-bit to avoid compatibility problems.

Pale Moon is free, open-source, and reliable. Give it a try.

Pale Moon