Trip to Lisbon – Day 4

Day 4

After a terrible night and a even worst morning I decided to finally do some sightseeing in Lisbon itself. The plan was to walk those old streets up to the castle, then walk everything down to the river, and stop by any landmark on the way.

Lisbon Castle

São Jorge Castle, Lisbon

My head felt like it was holding a wardrobe and all my muscles hurt, except my feet, because I could not feel them. I entered a cafeteria, ordered an espresso and a pastel the nata, and couldn’t help but notice a foreign girl across the room having the exact same thing. “In Rome be Roman” I thought to myself.

Pastel de nata

The breakfast of champions

That breakfast made me feel better but I was not quite there, so half the way to the castle I had to make another stop, this time for a beer. And you know what? That beer really hit the spot. I felt like Super Mario after eating a star. I was sitting outside having god’s drink when I saw that same foreign girl walking up the street. She passed by and I discretely checked her rear attributes by fully turning me head around. When I turned back again I saw the waiter smiling at me, nodding, like he was saying “Yeap, I saw that too.” I picked my stuff and continued my journey, but not before having another beer. Another sweet cold beer.

Super Mario's Star

Super Mario star

I got to be honest, my orientation skills are not my best quality, and on my way to the castle I got lost, finding myself on a viewpoint square I had been before. I could see the castle across the valley, which meant I would only have to walk everything down and up again. Luckily there was a bar with an esplanade and a funny band playing outside. So I stayed there a little bit, enjoying the sun, the view, the band, and another Super Mario star.

I hit the road and as I was going down I saw that foreign girl again, walking up the street. “This is odd”, I thought to myself. So, after going all the streets down and up again, I lost myself. Again. This time finding myself on an empty street. Seriously, an empty street right in the middle of Lisbon, and no one in sight to ask for directions. I was wondering when exactly had I passed the dimensional portal, when I saw her yet again. That very same foreigner girl I’ve been encountering all day was walking up the road straight in my direction, and I thought to myself “My God, she walked through the dimensional portal too!” Her hazel hair danced with the wind, and beneath I saw her light coloured eyes looking straight at me. She recognised me. I waited for her to get close, and asked her what any other guy would ask in the same situation: “Are you following me?”

Luckily she had a good sense of humour, and we ended up seeing the castle together. The place was huge, and lordly, totally worth those long kilometres I did on foot. There are endless corridors on the walls, cannons, old ruins, and a nice garden where you can find one of the most beautiful view of Lisbon. Highly recommended.

Cannons - Lisbon Castle

I wished I had powder with me

What was the most important thing I learned that day? If you decide to visit Lisbon on foot, always carry sunscreen, otherwise you will look like a lobster at the end of the day.


Trip to Lisbon – Day 3

I had already written everything about my trip to Lisbon, but somehow WordPress managed to lost my articles. Some might say it was my fault, but I always prefer to blame the equipment. So here I find myself writing it all over again.

Day 3

On day 3 we went to Cascais. It’s a sort of Beverly Hills for people who live in Lisbon.Cascais

Here is what you can expect from Cascais: palm trees, sun, palm trees, beach, palm trees, sea breeze, palm trees, boats, palm trees, expensive cars, palm trees, topless girls, and once in a while you might encounter a couple of palm trees.

The designated rally driver toke us through Cabo da Rocathe beautiful landscape of Sintra on the way to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point in continental Europe. It’s a bit windy there. And after that we stopped by Ericeira, a well known place among the surfing community. There we had a taste of hard life, with some couches and beers. Mmmmmmm sweet cold beers.

At night we decided to explore the night life in the capital, by going up and down the narrow streets of Bairro Alto. Never thought getting drunk could be so exhausting.


What Happened When I Bought a Microsoft Mouse?

microsoft_mouseMy computer’s mouse sucks big time. It’s a Genius, and it seems like it was specifically designed to piss me off. Before starting its production, Genius administration had a meeting with the staff, which probably may have sounded like this:

“Hey, do you know that guy from Portugal?”
“Yeah yeah we know him. What about him?”
“Well, we need to piss him off.”
“No reason, we just need to do it.”
“Sh sh sh! It’s already been decided. So, let’s hear some ideas.”
“Maybe… maybe we could build a mouse…”
“Yeah, like a terrible mouse that doesn’t work.”
“Yes, yes, a mouse that does a lot of noise when you click it.”
“And with a scroll that doesn’t work properly.”
“And with a terrible cable that pushes the mouse all around.”
“And with some hard rubbers so it won’t slide smoothly.”
“And we could design a software that makes the buttons work only once in a while.”
“Ohhh, I like the way this is going guys…”

And this is how my Genius mouse was created. I blame this mouse for most of the grey hairs I have on my head. So after three years I decided to buy a new one.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a computer shop browsing through all the different brands. I needed the mouse to do some work on Windows, so I thought “What’s better than a Microsoft mouse? Right? Microsoft is a good brand, and I need to work on Windows, so a Microsoft’s mouse is probably the best choice. Right? I can’t see any way this can possibly go wrong.”

Well, it did go wrong. Very wrong. For starters it did not work on Windows. What?? Yeap, you read it right, the Microsoft’s mouse did not work on Windows. Which is not a big deal. I just had to download a specific driver from a giant maze they call “official website”. And the best part? I got a new icon on my system tray. Oh I just love when they through a bunch of useless icons on that little corner of the screen. I really, really love it. Thank you Microsoft. Thank you so very fucking much for that.

The mouse itself was actually pretty good. Except for the buttons. I swear I was afraid to make a hole on my desk every time I clicked that middle button. Thank god I bought the “comfort” version. But who cares, right? It’s just the buttons on a mouse, it’s not a big deal. It’s like a car with a steering wheel that doesn’t rotate properly. It’s not the end of the world. The really annoying part was that every time I suspended the computer the mouse would stop functioning, and I had to unplug it and plug it again. I tried it on other computers and guess what? Same problem. I paid 30 bucks for this mouse, COME ON!!!

Strangely it worked flawlessly on Linux. No need for extra drivers, no extra icons, no suspending problems, plugged it once and that was it, worked perfectly. Linux sucks.

So this is what I did in the correct order:
1 – I went back to the shop;
2 – I exchanged the mouse for a wireless Logitech;
3 – I got half of my money back;
4 – And I wrote an email to Microsoft saying “Dear Microsoft, fuck you.”

What is the best part about my new Logitech mouse? It works. How nice is that? A mouse that you plug into your computer, and then it just works. Just like that. It looks like witchcraft or something.

At the end of the day it’s nice to know that Microsoft’s ability to drop huge piles of shit does not restrain itself exclusively on operating systems.