The Fall – One of the best tv series in years

The Fall

“No one knows what’s going on in someone else’s mind. Life would be intolerable if we did.”

Once in a while anyone who watches TV series will find himself searching for new shows. All our favorite series eventually come to an end, and when it happens we’ll surf the internet looking for something to fill that void we’re left with.

I was there when I first came across this show. The only reason that led me to watch it was the main actress, Gillian Anderson. Yeap, I’m a fan of the X-Files. So one night I turned off the lights and gave this show a try. I had no expectations, and after watching the first episode I was left speechless. As the credits rolled over I kept asking myself how was it possibly that I had never heard about this show before.

This psychological thriller takes place in Belfast, following the lives of two urban predators, a detective and a serial killer. Their everyday routine is constantly being compared, and even though they are in opposite sides of the law, they have more in common than one could ever anticipate. They are both meticulous and intense, both take pleasure from control and dominance. Both have a normal life during the day, holding themselves on family or work, but when darkness falls each one indulges on his own secret ritual.

The series is very well produced. It has a dark atmosphere, and the tension is slowly built through out the episodes. Sometimes it builds so much tension it can be frighting. You will not be frightened due to scare jumps or loud noises, you will be frightened because there are no scare jumps or loud noises. All you hear is the water dripping in the bathroom, the wind outside. You know something is wrong, something horrible is about to happen, but it doesn’t, and the tension just keeps raising, leaving you on the edge of your sit for long periods of time. The camera plays a very important role here, sometimes leaving you staring at that dark corner, or that creepy window at the back. There are also long takes without cuts, adding realism into the action, along with some Point of View shots, you will find yourself immersed into the show. It basically looks like a chilling horror movie disguised has a crime investigation thriller. The camera is something to praise here. If you are really into cinema or television production, you will notice some very interesting shots in a couple of episodes.

The main characters are brilliantly well-acted. Gillian Anderson has been kept under the radar since the X-Files. If you were a fan of this cult series, you will surely be pleased to see her performing in The Fall. She plays the role of a dominant Irish woman, reveling all of her talent as an actress. The second main character is played by Jamie Dornan, who also performs exceptionally well.

The Fall is one of those pearls waiting to be found. Not only is one of the best series of 2013, it’s one of my all-time favorites.

The Fall 2


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