AxCrypt – Protect your private files

AxCrypt HeaderDo you have private data in your computer? Are you afraid hackers may get to it? Are you afraid someone will see it if your laptop gets stolen? Why not secure your precious files with an encryption software?

Every time someone asks how to encrypt data, someone at the end of the table yells “TrueCrypt”.

Well, that showoff guy is right, but TrueCrypt might be a little to complicated for the common user who is just looking to encrypt a couple of files. Not to mention that TrueCrypt is no longer supported – which does not necessarily means it’s unsafe, but… you know.

AxCrypt is fast, secure, free, and above all it is simple. You don’t need to follow tutorials to create virtual drives, encrypted files, mount encrypted files on virtual drives… Although this may sound like a very secure way to protect your data against CIA or NSA, most users are just looking to secure their data from that little kid sited at the end of the pub, with a laptop, and a grim on his face.

How does it work? AxCrypt integrates itself on Windows context menu, so when you want to encrypt a file, just right-click on it, and chose “Encrypt”. You will be asked for a password, and that’s it. Everyone who wants to open the file will have to either insert the password, or crack the file. Regarding this, AxCrypt uses AES encryption with 128-bit keys. I’m not going to get into details, but I assure you that you don’t have to worry about that evil kid anymore.

And now the cherry on top of the cake: AxCrypt comes with a shredder. What is a shredder? I’ll explain. When you delete a file from your computer you don’t really delete it, you just make the file invisible and tell your computer that he can overwrite it. Even though you can’t see it, the file is still there, it still exists, and therefore it can be recovered. So keep it in mind that when you delete your shameful collection of pornography just by using Shift-Delete, anyone using a simple software can easily recover it and see it. And here is where a shredder comes in handy. When you delete a file using a shredder, the computer deletes it and writes random data on top of the file, making it virtually impossible to recover. To use it just right-click on the file you want to delete, chose “Shred and Delete”, and yell “Fuck you file!!!” really out loud.

Protect your sensitive data with AxCrypt, it doesn’t get any more simple than this.



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